The Taylor family is growing and I had the privilege of doing an in-home photo session with them and their sweet girl, Parker. First of all, they are all so gorgeous and gracious. As is their amazing mid-century home that they put tons of time and energy into. What’s better is that they are both so down to earth and real. My kinda people. I “met” Ruthy through her blog, Discovery Street, which my friend Ali actually found through Young House Love. Crazy how small the interwebs make the world.  I really love how she shares her heart and the story of God’s pursuit in her life alongside projects and adventures. Ruthy is full of ideas and is great at connecting other mamas. She put together the first Instagram mommy meet-up at the amazing Star Center in Tacoma. It was a great way to meet other local mamas at all different stages of life and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better. (BTW- Tacoma mamas- if you haven’t checked out the Star Center do so immediately.  I think we’ll be spending a lot of time there this winter. I’m sure some of my friends have already tried to tell me about it, but once I got there and saw for myself I was like “WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!??)

I’m looking forward to meeting baby number 2 and watching the Taylor’s love multiply. They are living the biggest adventure of all: parenting.
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-3.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-6.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-7.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-2.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-16.jpg
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seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-26.jpg
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seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-27.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-28.jpg
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seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-33.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-34.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-36.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-37.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-38.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-39.jpg
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seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-41.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-42.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-43.jpg
seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-44.jpg
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seattle_tacoma_family_ photographer-49.jpg
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