Welcome back! I’m here. Day two of the blogitty-October-blog!

Yesterday, I heard from some of you how hard it is to believe the truth about who we are, how we get wrapped up in our ridiculous comparison game and try to reach our own standards that are completely arbitrary and leave us worn-out and full of self-doubt. The tape playing in our heads is a loud one. Full of all kinds of voices from our childhood, media, parents, in-laws, spouses, children, our own flesh, the enemy, even well-meaning friends. Telling us who we are, telling us we are not enough. And we try to name ourselves. But he has a better name for us.

So, I am continuing to ask the question, “Father, who do YOU say I am?” Here is what I heard today. He delights in me. (Isaiah 62:4) He rejoices over me. He will quiet me with his love. He will rejoice over me with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17) He loves me so much he bursts into song when I enter his presence. Right now, just as I am in my messy, empty cup, ragged being. I can’t do anything to earn his more of his love. He takes pleasure in me just as I am. He bought me at a precious price and pursues me moment by moment.

That God desires our fellowship is one of the most amazing facts revealed in scripture. The fact is so staggering that it’s extremely difficult for us to grasp its meaning for us. That God should allow his creatures to have fellowship with himself is wonderful enough. But that he can desire it, that it gives Him satisfaction and joy and pleasure, is almost too much for our understanding. (InterVarsity booklet).

I bring an empty cup. And he fills it up with light and love. We say Grace, and we say it again and again, coming back to the table that he sets for us. I pray with Amy Carmichael, “Oh , Lord Jesus, My beloved, may I be a joy to you.” And I know he will aswer it as often as I ask.



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