Whew. It’s only mid-February and so far it’s been a fun, full year. I thought I’d post a few images to recap some of the highlights; birthdays and outings and fun and beautiful things that our year has included. It’s far too easy to get halfway through the year and look back, stunned and wondering where the time went. I’m hoping if I do this every month or so, I will at least have a visual record of our life, so I can prove I didn’t just sit at my computer in my running clothes. At least, not every day. Enjoy!

Mr. Uhler and I had a whole weekend alone together. I can’t even remember how it happened, but I’m glad it did. He looks really cute in those Ray-Bans. I don’t think too many people can actually pull those off. We found our FAVORITE new breakfast place, and the best thing is it’s literally blocks from our house. Can you say chilaquiles with smoked pork. MMMMM. I can. But I can’t eat a whole plate. OK, now I’m hungry.

I got together for a fun practice shoot with some other local photographers at Point Defiance. I really am thankful that we have so many amazing places to shoot in this town. And that there is such a great and supportive network of talented photographers, and that I get to be a part of it! I know the baby and the girl riding a trike on the train tracks is a little unsettling, but it’s for the sake of art, OK? Just go with it.

My friend, Heidi turned 40, and we threw her a surprise party. I think every girls deserves that for her 40th, don’t you? (Take note, people. I know it’s a few years off, but still.) She is lovely and has a lovely family and a very cool home with an awesome ginormous map of the world for wallpaper. How cool is that?

And then there was Chinese New Year! We did lots for Chinese New year, including a fantastic parade that my son’s kindergarten class put on for the whole school. It was adorable, but they all discovered quickly that it is not easy being one of three inside an animal costume. Pacing is a bit tricky. Major props to the parents who helped with some of these crazy detailed costumes, We’re talking hand-sewing and paper mache, people. Me? I just show up with my camera and give moral support. We also went to China town with the Girl Scouts and had dim sum. Yum. And on the way home a hose blew on our car so we sat and waited for a tow truck in the coffee shop and played with silly bands.

So, that takes us up through early February. I have a whole ‘nother (that’s so not a word, but don’t you say it all the time too?) group of pictures that I think I will save for a special post about the girl turning ten. That definitely deserves it’s own post, don’t you think? Cheers. I gotta get up from this computer now and go run. I will leave you with a few parting, wintery images.