Meet the Robinsons How I became a documentary family photographer I have a secret to tell you. When I first began my photography business I really disliked photographing families. I would take them to parks or beaches. We would talk about what they *should* wear. I would find the pretty light and pose them, giving them prompts or placing them in the most flatte[...]

Christmas Together- The Story of a Home

Olympia Documentary Photographer How do you tell the story of a home? Your family story is more than just the people in it, but the very home you create together. I am so thankful that the K. family invited me to capture their last family gathering on their home. It may be one of the most important shoots I've had the privilege of doing. After 46 years, raisin[...]

Big News! Simply Kids Modern Portraits

  I never thought studio photography would be a part of my business, but after putting together a fundraiser for my local elementary school and community, I completely fell in love and decided to add it to my offerings.   A fellow photographer saw this work and said how surprised she was- that it didn't seem like "me". Yes, it's a departure from family [...]

REAL LIFE LOVE STORY} because romance looks different these days

REAL LIFE LOVE STORIES are more compelling than a Hollywood romance Maybe you used to sit in restaurants and gaze at each other, take long moonlight walks, listen to music side by side while talking for hours. Now you are lucky to get a moment to look at each other across the full breakfast table and chaos of life. These days you might be drawing straws over who ge[...]

Resolved? And a Year in Photos

I can't help but be reflective with the New Year. But I don't want to say all the things I'm hoping to do differently this year. I don't need a list of ways to improve myself, my home, my marriage, my body. But the changing of the calendar does lend itself to that inclination. I recently listed to a podcast where the host suggested instead of resolutions, we decide to[...]

Pacific Northwest Wedding Documentary Photography

Keeley and Caleb's wedding at Broadway Hall, Bellingham was one of my favorites. The way they love and care for each other is so clear- from the moment we first hung out during their engagement session to the last dance, they just can't help but show the joy of being together. Set in Bellingham, Washington, this was a perfect Pacific Northwest summer wedding. T[...]

Tacoma Family Documentary Photographer } Trampolines, Unicycles, Pizza, & Bunny

  December feels like a black hole of time. I'm kind of OK with that. I've hardly touched my computer in a week. Our days have been filled with sleeping in, a quick Palm Springs vacation (respite from the cold pour moi), cross-country skiing, touring around downtown Seattle, seeing the Gingerbread display at the Sheraton, taking our exchange student to the Spa[...]

JM Cellars Wedding} Kim and Charles' Fall Northwest Wedding

This JM Cellars wedding with Kim and Charles was one of the most beautiful, genuine weddings I have been a part of. From the moment I met them I knew that they were the real deal. The way they spoke about each other, the excitement they had over planning every detail of their wedding together was so fun to witness. We had a great time shooting their engagement sess[...]

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