Custom mini-session Tacoma family Photographer

Magical fall light, sweet sisters, braids and dresses and flowers picked. Hugs and laughter and running and chasing. These are a few of the best parts of this custom mini-session with the beautiful Taylor family. When you think of a mini-session, you may be thinking of a 30 minute slot that you choose based on the photographer's schedule. You show up to a park and [...]

Finding Margin

Beware the barrenness of a busy life- Socrates This year has been one of the hardest of our lives. I think we've been in survival mode without really knowing it. It's only when we stop long enough to breathe and reflect that we realize the stresses and griefs and battles we've been fighting. Among many other traumas Mr. Uhler's work schedule has been, to say the leas[...]

Tacoma In-Home Family Photographer - Keating Family

Tacoma In-Home Family Photographer   The making of a home. The making of a family. There is love and color and beauty inside these walls. There is art and creativity and passion, cooking and playing, chickens and dogs and cats around the place. There are cycling trips, tattoos, quilts and paintings, knitting needles and Legos and toys whose names I did not ye[...]

Sham of The Perfect- Year in Review

This past year I participated in not one, but two weekly collaborative projects. Unfortunately I ended up not doing both every single week, but the fact that I mostly managed to keep up with two pictures a week oughtta count for something, right? This post makes up the pictures that were part of my weekly posts to the Sham of The Perfect and This Day and Every Day blo[...]

Best of 2015

Tacoma Family Photographer Seattle Tacoma Wedding Photographer   I have no idea, really, how to choose the best. But here are some of my favorites from the year. Some are personal. Some are of my wonderful clients and I love them just as much. I'm so thankful to capture these moments and freeze these memories. Thank you all for a great year. [...]

Baby Z and the meaning of Christmas

Tacoma Family Photography   Every Christmas I have the best of intentions. I will slow down. I will handmake meaningful gifts. I will give upcycled presents, experiences, and goods created by local makers. Every night of advent will be spent gathered around our Christmas tree reading thoughtful devotionals about the names of Jesus and the true meaning of Chri[...]

Point Defiance Pagoda Wedding

Ashley and Andrew's wedding was designed to feel like a garden party- a casual gathering of friends in a beautiful place with amazing food and beverages, celebrating their relationship. Indeed, that's what it was. The best part of this Point Defiance Pagoda Wedding was just how joyful they were together all day. Their family and friends were so much a part of the cele[...]

Stephen and Tasha are awesome (and engaged!) Seattle wedding photographer

What do you get when you mix one funny, fun-loving adorable couple, their rad apartment, giant hula-hoops, coffee and the beach? You get an awesome engagement session, that's what. Oh, I am so in love with these images and i really adore this couple. They are so easy-going and kind to each other. Not to mention gorgeous. I had the privilege of shooting their wedding l[...]

Adopted into Love

As you are reading these words, I am most likely flying over Northern Europe. Or maybe I have just boarded my flight from Frankfurt to Vilnius, no doubt after running through the terminal with a light coat of sweat on me, travel pillow flying behind me, heart racing wildly as I look for friendly faces in the sea of German stocism. Or maybe I have even just landed in V[...]

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