I dreamed it up a while ago. A field. Some fall evening honey light.  The kind that I drop everything for. Romantic layers with a hip twist. A Bohemian, gypsy kinda vibe.  And I knew just the girl.

No matter that I had never done a styled shoot before and didn’t know how much time to account for hair and makeup. It worked out perfectly.  Sometimes in order to make something happen you just need to put a date on the calendar.

It came out of a desire to push myself as an artist, to create a vision first and make it come to life instead of just finding the moment.  There’s a time for that too.  And that is how I shoot most of the time. I just wanted to try something different. With no pressure of shooting for a client, but only for myself.

The lovely people at UrbanXchange lent us the clothes.  We had a blast “shopping” their store and coming home with armfuls of great stuff. An old friend who just happens to be a makeup artist just happened to be available. At the last minute I found a friend who could watch Mr. Amos for the afternoon. It came together despite me.

We had a run-in with a security guard and his boss while we were setting up the shoot (think makeup and hair in the parking lot out of the back of a mini-van.  That’s how we roll), but they were gracious. This time.

We caught this gorgeous light with not a moment to spare.

I think I’ll be doing this again. Any other seniors up for this?

Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-13 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-12 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-11 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-10 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-9 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-8 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-7 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-6 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-5 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-4 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-3 Tacoma_Senior_Photographer-2



































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