Custom mini-session Tacoma family Photographer

October 25, 2016

Magical fall light, sweet sisters, braids and dresses and flowers picked. Hugs and laughter and running and chasing. These are a few of the best parts of this custom mini-session with the beautiful Taylor family.

When you think of a mini-session, you may be thinking of a 30 minute slot that you choose based on the photographer’s schedule. You show up to a park and you take a bunch of posed shots, the same ones the family before you did and the same ones the family in the time slot after you will do. You may have to bribe the kids. To wear the clothes. To offer the smiles. To not run away.

I’m offering you something different. Your family on your terms. Sure, we can meet at a park. But we can also meet at your house, where everyone is comfortable. Where the love is. Where the magic happens. They can run. They can smile, or not. They can lay down on the grass and pick flower/ weed bouquets. We can schedule it for whenever everyone is happiest, o n whatever day and time works for you. I will find the light. I will see the magic. I will show you your family connections and love. And we’ll be done before anyone has a meltdown. I won’t make them stand still. I won’t make them wear fancy, itchy clothes. Let them dress themselves. Let’s make a mess in the bath or blow bubbles in the backyard or jump on the bed. Do’t worry- you’ll get your Christmas card shot.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, shoot me an email to schedule your custom mini-session this fall. There’s only 5 spots left this year.
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