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Ooh, have I got something to share with you- check out the video above sharing my heart behind why family photography matters so much to me and my clients!

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different. -Kurt Vonnegut

Sessions start at $200 and include:
  • My time and talent
  • Hand editing of your images
  • Custom online gallery
  • Complimentary design of your photobook
  • Albums, archival prints, wall art and digital images are available to purchase a few weeks after your session. Prints start at $25.  Payment options available. Maternity, birth and baby collections available. Call for details or  Get in touch to book your session or get my client guide. 
  • Collections start at $750

Life doesn’t happen in the big events and momentous occasions, It happens in the small everyday moments, the in-between times that shape us and our families.

You may be considering a documentary session but wondering if your house is decorated well enough, or if your family is interesting enough or if your kids are well-behaved enough.

Trust me when I say YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Your home is full of the things that make your family unique. Your “normal” is not boring to me and it’s my job to show you the poetry there. Right there in the midst of the dishes in the sink, the underwear on the floor, the spilled milk on the counter, the Legos on the rug.

Your life is moving fast, your kids are changing and things you may not even realize are going to be different in the blink of an eye. But you are too busy nursing or cutting crusts off sandwiches or driving kids to baseball practice to step back and TAKE IT ALL IN. Let’s plan a day to do just that- just your beautiful, normal day with its chaos and laughter, love and tears.

You don’t have to dress up, or make the kids wear their nicest clothes. Everyone gets to be themselves. Even dads love session with me because I’m not telling anyone what to do.

Don’t worry- you’ll get a beautiful photo for your Christmas card too, but more than that I’m going to capture the authentic story of who you are right now.


If you like what you see in the gallery and believe like I do that YOUR STORY IS WORTH TELLING, send me a message and I’ll send you a client guide. From there we can book your session.

What is important to me (and to you, most likely, if you are checking me out) is capturing real life. I want to make pictures that tell the story of who your family is at this point in time. I want your personality to shine through.

Your home doesn’t need to look like Pinterest. Your wardrobe doesn’t need to be high-end. Just you.  In all your messy, imperfect glory.  I want you to LOVE YOUR LIFE- not someone else’s idea of what your life should look like.

  • Most of my clients order a custom photobook, which I think is the best way to tell a visual story. It’s something that your family will treasure for years. I love serving my clients by creating tangible products for them. I want the kids to be able to leaf through it’s pages and remember what it felt like to be together.



Tacoma Documentary Family Photographer

Perfection!! I’m so happy, so so happy we did this. Owen is too and let me tell you that guy… he was on the fence. BUT we’d have paid 1200 for just that pic of us all taking off Desmond’s pants. 🙂

 You are a true artist, anything I can do to promote you just say the word.  -Sarah SWOON. Tears delivered.  Thank you for these treasures. -Owen

We have used Jessica for two sessions now, a newborn photo session and one about a year later for our 1-year-old’s birthday. Even though it was a full year apart, and I’m sure Jessica has other families she’s working with, it still seemed like she remembered everything about us, and it made me feel comfortable working with her. I’d love to continue that relationship of her documenting our family through the years. I really enjoyed looking at our newborn session photobook compared to the book we got from the 1-year-old shoot. I think she had an eye out for the similarities and changes that happened the past year. – Laura

I am so, so, SO happy with our photos from Jessica! She captured the heart of our home, making everything–from the boys’ toys, dirty laundry, and sibling bickering to our furniture and even the pictures on our walls–feel magical, which is exactly how I want to remember this very full season of our lives. She managed to document the feelings I have everyday when I look at my family with love. She is a truly gifted artist. – Jessie

At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about having photos done in my home. But after viewing your photos of your other clients, I loved the idea of capturing the “day to day.” I love the images you captured so much because everything is a representation of our daily routine and not posed. It was truly a unique experience and I think every family should have these types of moments captured!

Heart. Depth. Authenticity. Story. Jessica has an unique and uncanny ability to show photographically the beauty in what most would consider mundane. She transfers this to the beauty of capturing authentic family dynamics to produce stunning images of true family life. Her photographs go beyond the norm of matching outfits and perfectly poised portraits. Her work is truly art, an art that you don’t even realize is being captured during a session; you are encouraged to be natural, to be family. It’s not until you view the images later that you are overwhelmed by the beauty of your little family.

I love that she doesn’t just want you to have amazing photos, it’s an experience. We have a canvas hanging in our bedroom of my husband and me. Anytime we are having a hard time in our marriage, I can look at that portrait and remember that moment of connection; that authentic moment of real depth between us, and it gives me hope. I am so grateful to Jessica for this gift.

She is my immediate recommend. And sidenote: she even befriended my extremely shy middle daughter during our family shoot. A feat, which is as remarkable as the images she produces. -Lindsay