One of the best things about the lingering summer sun is getting to shoot families like this in the evenings and capturing that golden hour light. I have blogged about Erin Corcoran before. Not only does she have her own business, Clementine and Olive, upcycling vintage furniture, she chases around these two scrumptious boys all day and to top that she is a single mama!  Erin is full of adventure and spirit and energy.  You’d have to be to keep up with these monkeys.  There’s a reason they’re not sitting still in any of the pictures. They were certainly giving us a workout chasing them around. Clover, the sweetest Great Dane ever, joined us as well.  After all, she is part of the family.  She had some impressive moves to show off. Erin has a fantastic eye and has created a lovely home.  You can check it out on her blog.  Erin, it was a blast playing around with you all.  I’m so glad we met and that we’re neighbors!

I don’t know how moms of twins avoid near-death experiences around every corner!

This must be Erin’s mantra.

Daddy was a great baby-wrangler.

He looks like he’s about to burst in to a maniacal laugh. Bwah ha ha!

Clover is mortified by the heels.








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