For Photographers


Your figurative focus, that is. Are you swirling around creatively, trying to find your vision and not sure how to weed through all the noise? Do you want to grow as a photographer and need some help even figuring out what the next steps might be? Maybe you know where you want to end up, but you’re not sure how to get there. Or maybe you just want some really honest image critique and portfolio review.

Friend, I got you.

I know how to ask good, hard questions that help creatives find their way and better align the deepest parts of who they are with the art they make.

  • one-on-one mentoring $225/ hour: we can talk about anything and everything, but this time is really focused on whatever you need help with. Most initial conversations are about 2 hours, and can happen over phone, Skype, Facetime or in-person
  • 4 week dig deep mentor session- $875: Four weeks of in-depth conversations with weekly exercises and one-hour meetings each week.

Contact me to find out more, or if you feel creatively stuck and are ready to move forward let’s get this party started.

‘My mentor session with Jessica was exactly what I needed to focus on where I want my business to go. Not only is she incredibly intelligent and professional in her art, but also very relatable and the ease in which she answers questions and gives guidance is incredibly helpful. Jessica was very gentle in her honesty on areas in my editing and consistency with marketing where I could improve. We talked candidly about my ideal client and where my passion truly lies in my photography and how I can transfer that to my business. I’m very grateful for my one-on-one time with her…It was definitely worth the investment and I’d recommend her to anyone!’ – Andrea L.

Here’s some ideas about topics we can cover, but really, these conversations are based on where you feel stuck and need help:

  • finding your unique creative voice and style that is authentic and based on what really matters to you
  • building a business with integrity and in line with your personal definition of success and no one else’s
  • life- work balance- how to wear all the hats! Or better yet, how to decide which hats you even want to wear!
  • fine-tuning your workflow and client experience
  • creative exercises and practices to help you get out of a place of feeling stuck