Friday faves- what’s making me smile right now {Seattle/Tacoma lifestyle photographer}

May 5, 2012

What a week. It was one of hard-lessons. Business lessons. Back-up your data in more than one place, stupid lessons. Not as much damage was done as I feared. Between that and the baby being sick all week (= not much sleep again!), and a few days of too much rain, I was a little down. I also learned the hard way that brides want you to email them back RIGHT AWAY (duh!).  You can’t wait a day to figure out your hard drive situation because yo, there’s a wedding going down. Sad.  Now I reaaallly want to shoot a wedding on Vashon Island. But now, i’m actually being kinda zen about it. I mean, what better way to practice non-attachment than to have a hard drive go down.

Plus, there are soo many good things to be thankful for instead. Here are just a few:

He is seven. months. old.  Now how did that happen?

I just died.

No seriously, stop. You already killed me with your cuteness.


Oh, mama! You’re hi-larious!


Hello cheeks. I wan to eat you. Gah! You guys, can you believe I get to be his mama?

The farmer’s market mere blocks from our house has opened for the season. Hooray. And my good friend, Layla of Ice Cream Social is selling the most amazing ice cream ever.  You must try the salted caramel and the star anise with candied fennel seeds. Delish.

This bright thing making a more frequent appearance amongst all the new blossoms.


That he *helped* me get one garden bed planted.  Yes, we were actually wearing matching overalls.


The fact that it’s time for my bare feet to just slip into these vintage clogs without socks. (Someone needs a pedi.)



This Sarah Bernhardt peony for my very own garden. Lovely.

I really love gifts. Especially gifts out of the blue for no reason other than it’s been a tough week and he knew I would love this.  He is right.  It’s a gorgeous book of local artist Nickki McClure’s incredible papercuts. I have several of her prints around the house.  This volume groups them by season. They are amazing and profound. Here are just a few of my favorites.



Speaking of cherry blossoms….we are rich with them I tell you.


Hey look- it’s me!


Also, the fact that my loyal girlfriends are coming over to help me paint my living room. It’s going from Jessica Green to a soft, silvery grey. I can’t wait.  I’ll try to post a before and after.

And that we are babysitting two cute guinea pigs from my daughter’s classroom this weekend -Caesar and Brutus (so clever, those 5th-graders!) I’ll be sure to keep all sharp objects away from the cage.

And here’s a good thought to end the week with.  Happy weekending!