Happy Thanksgiving and a lot of other stuff.

November 25, 2014

Well,  I survived the 31-Day blog challenge. Mostly. It was a process of self-discovery, as art usually is. It was an unearthing of thoughts that were brewing and gestating, words and ideas coming together in a way that was full of A-HA moments for me. More than anything it began to crack open the door into what writing my be in life again. Personal. Meaningful (to me, if no one else). It felt significant just giving myself permission to write again, to let my voice be heard no matter who was, or wasn’t listening, no matter the response, no matter how eloquent the words were. It was a delight to engage with so many readers in deep conversation. I definitely want more of that.  (You can read the posts here.)

It’s refreshing to take a break, though I did find the daily deadline invigorating even while unrelenting. I think there is more to come, because all these threads keep weaving together my in my artistic life, in my personal life. The guideposts of authenticity and vulnerability, the courage to be real and to combat the voices of shame from within and without, the hope and gratitude that grows as we see and share ourselves without masks. No doubt it will be a lifelong journey for us all. But here’s to beginning. Again and Again.

May you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by people you love. May you have eyes to see your life, just as it is, full of grace and beauty and light in the midst of the mess. Happy Thanksgiving.

Also, there’s something super special coming up. Hopefully soon. A creative collaboration that will undoubtedly be a piece of my heart writ large. I can’t wait to share it. But you’ll have to wait for a while.

This picture above is one of my favorites from a recent storytelling session. Oh, it is a deep joy to capture the real life of families. I just can’t get enough of it.