So you may know about a new type of portrait I’ve been making. For women. To help them see and feel their own beauty. You can read a little more about The Beauty Project here.

Let me introduce Jess Phay. We’ve known each other for years. Not only does she totally rock in the gym, and run her own small business, she is a thoughtful and considerate friend who loves to serve people well. One of the ways that she has nurtured me and my family is by cleaning my house when Mr. Uhler was deployed to a war zone and I had three children three and under. Man, what a blessing that was.

And it’s that which makes her beautiful. Her genuine personality. Her bright smile. Her strength and fortitude. The fact that she is not afraid of being herself in all her feminine glory. She’s just as comfortable in heels and a cute dress as she is swinging kettlebells or scrubbing floors. The hair and makeup, well, that just helps bring out what’s already on the inside.



Big thanks to Athena Rene Artistry for makeup and Heather Scott from Embellish Salon for hair.