Love letters from clients

mom is nursing baby boy against a pink curtain while he puts his hand in her mouth

Perfection!! I'm so happy, so so happy we did this. Owen is too and let me tell you that guy... he was on the fence. BUT we'd have paid 1200 for just that pic of us all taking off Desmond's pants. :-)

You are a true artist, anything I can do to promote you just say the word. 

- Sarah

black and white portrait of family in their home. The parents are working in the kitchen while two boys play on the floor with their pug nearby.

I am so, so, SO happy with our photos from Jessica! She captured the heart of our home, making everything--from the boys' toys, dirty laundry, and sibling bickering to our furniture and even the pictures on our walls--feel magical, which is exactly how I want to remember this very full season of our lives. She managed to document the feelings I have everyday when I look at my family with love. She is a truly gifted artist.


mom and girl hug and play with the sunset behind them. They are both laughing and smiling

I truly love the experience of getting family photos done with Jess. Because they were taken in my front yard it was easy for my kids to act like themselves, run around and play. From experience, getting a 2 and 4 year old to "pose" for the camera is nearly impossible; I love that Jess is able to just capture real moments with real smiles and real emotions. Even my husband who hates being photographed feels comfortable with Jess as our photographer! LOVE LOVE LOVE


dad throws his little girl up on the air and catches her. She is wearing a pink dress and red sparkly shoes

Heart. Depth. Authenticity. Story. Jessica has an unique and uncanny ability to show photographically the beauty in what most would consider mundane. She transfers this to the beauty of capturing authentic family dynamics to produce stunning images of true family life. Her photographs go beyond the norm of matching outfits and perfectly poised portraits. Her work is truly art, an art that you don't even realize is being captured during a session; you are encouraged to be natural, to be family. It's not unyou view the images later that you are overwhelmed by the beauty of your little family.


family laughs and plays together on bed. Family lifestyle portrait by Seattle photographer Jessica Uhler

Our whole family would recommend Jessica wholeheartedly. Our son sees Jessica as friend and part of our family and is asking about her. We were impressed with the professionalism during the whole process and love the results. Every communication we have had was a ray of sunshine and reminded us to be positive, even if that is hard sometimes. We would do this again in a heartbeat, we had so much fun during the whole experience. It was exciting and uplifting, 100% positivity.


We knew we wanted to hire Jess as our wedding photographer once we saw her work online. But when we met her we knew we wanted her to be our family photographer for years to come! Our wedding was planned for May of 2020, in the heart of a pandemic. We had to cancel that wedding (after already having hired Jess), and we ended up doing a last minute (Tuesday afternoon) elopement. Jess was so flexible as we changed our minds a million times about what we wanted to do. She helped plan the best spots to have our first look, ceremony, etc. and helped to make our wedding special despite the drastic change in plans. I’m so in love with our wedding photos, and instead of looking at our photos being sad for lost wedding plans, we look at them and are overjoyed with how everything turned out.

couple has wedding during pandemic in Point Defiance Park. They walk between a small group of family and friends after the ceremony, their arms raised high in celebration. Photo by Seattle wedding photographer Jessica Uhler


A mom with her son and daughter on the trampoline. They are laying down and hugging. Family portrait by Tacoma photographer Jessica Uhler

Worth every penny. The end result is hard to describe with words. The images make my heart melt. I love Jessica's eye for beauty and her artistry in capturing simple things. I will treasure the moments she spent with me and my kids. The images of that afternoon a perfect reminder of how precious every day is.