Our images are amazing! We keep watching the slideshow over and over…. We had an amazing wedding day and honeymoon. Charles and I talk all the time about how thankful we are for you and how fun it was to “play” together with you to tell our story.    Jessica was the ‘unfortunately’ wonderful photographer that really took photography to a new level at our wedding. I say ‘unfortunately’ because I don’t think we’ll ever use another photographer… so she’s stuck essentially documenting how not-so-gracefully we’ll be aging over the next 50 years… -Kim and Charles

I am so, so, SO happy with our photos from Jessica! She captured the heart of our home, making everything–from the boys’ toys, dirty laundry, and sibling bickering to our furniture and even the pictures on our walls–feel magical, which is exactly how I want to remember this very full season of our lives. She managed to document the feelings I have everyday when I look at my family with love. She is a truly gifted artist. – Jessie

Our whole family would recommend Jessica wholeheartedly. Our son sees Jessica as friend and part of our family and is asking about her. We were impressed with the professionalism during the whole process and love the results. Every communication we have had was a ray of sunshine and reminded us to be positive, even if that is hard sometimes. We would do this again in a heartbeat, we had so much fun during the whole experience. It was exciting and uplifting, 100% positivity. -Beate

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what we got from Jess! She is such a lovely person, inside and out, and makes you feel instantly comfortable (so important for people like us who feel a bit awkward having our photo taken). She was so patient, fun, and warm to work with, and her photos are works of art! Jess understands your individual story and works hard to capture it naturally so you can remember the details of your whirlwind day. We are thrilled with our wedding photos and can’t wait to hang these beautiful prints on our walls.  ♥ ♥ ♥  Thank you, so much,  Jess, for giving us such a warm and natural experience. As two people who don’t really know what to do in the spotlight, you helped us to feel at ease. Your photos are so stunning and really feel like US. I understand now that the whole experience one has with their wedding photographer is so important – it’s not just the beautiful images and memories they give you, but how their personalities are woven into the planning process and your special day, and with Jess we couldn’t have asked for a better fit. Thank you for taking the time to understand us and tell our story so beautifully.



Heart. Depth. Authenticity. Story. Jessica has an unique and uncanny ability to show photographically the beauty in what most would consider mundane. She transfers this to the beauty of capturing authentic family dynamics to produce stunning images of true family life. Her photographs go beyond the norm of matching outfits and perfectly poised portraits. Her work is truly art, an art that you don’t even realize is being captured during a session; you are encouraged to be natural, to be family. It’s not until you view the images later that you are overwhelmed by the beauty of your little family.

I love that she doesn’t just want you to have amazing photos, it’s an experience. We have a canvas hanging in our bedroom of my husband and me. Anytime we are having a hard time in our marriage, I can look at that portrait and remember that moment of connection; that authentic moment of real depth between us, and it gives me hope. I am so grateful to Jessica for this gift.

She is my immediate recommend. And sidenote: she even befriended my extremely shy middle daughter during our family shoot. A feat, which is as remarkable as the images she produces. -Lindsay


At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about having photos done in my home.  But after viewing your photos of your other clients, I loved the idea of capturing the “day to day.”  I love the images you captured so much because everything is a representation of our daily routine and not posed.  It was truly a unique experience and I think every family should have these types of moments captured!  It ended up being the best, most natural photo session I’ve ever been part of. Nothing felt fake or posed. My family just did our normal morning routine and Jessica was able to capture the ordinary and make it look extraordinary. Jessica was so fun and easy to work with…my husband (who hates being in photos) even enjoyed the process because there wasn’t any awkward posing. I’d highly recommend her for your next family shoot! -Ruthy


Jessica was so accommodating, easy to work with, and the entire photo shoot experience was very low-key.  I loved the fact that we were just ourselves, hanging out, and she caught that on camera!  In all our ordinary glory.  I’m especially excited about the photo album.  It is such a beautiful collection of a range of photos from our day.  I know I wouldn’t have been able to put it together like that in at least another 5-8 years (haha!)…I would work with Jessica again in a heartbeat! -Carissa


Jessica showed my husband and I the real purpose behind a photo shoot for our family…beyond the Christmas card shot. She photographed us in the home we live in…not the home prepped for company. She prompted us to show her our regular routine…even the dishes by the sink. When we were done and had a chance to review our photos with her…I treasured the unstaged moments in time that I saw. The service that Jessica provides is more than just excellent photography, beautiful angles, and inspired natural light; she captures reality and gently nudges her clients to embrace it. A journey worth beginning, and an investment that can’t be measured. –Melissa


I was absolutely confident that the pictures would turn out fabulous. Wasiright or wasiright? They capture my most beloved friends and family members on the happiest day of our lives! I love seeing that our pictures aren’t just about us getting married to each other, but about the whole community around us who love us and support the relationship. I think Jess was as excited about our wedding as we were. I loved that she loved being at our wedding. The warmth of her delight is palpable in the photographs. – Bethany and David


Jessica gave us an awesome experience. My daughter was treated like a super model for a day. From start to finish she made each moment special. Jessica has a special talent at making you look your best in any surrounding. Thanks, Jessica! –Trisha


Jessica shot our wedding this spring and she and her assistant did a terrific job. I sort of felt like we were splurging with a professional photographer, but Jessica did a fantastic job and was more than worth it. She and her assistant were very professional, and a pleasure to work with. The photography itself was top notch, and I would totally recommend her for anything you want to remember forever. 10/10- Stephen

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There is no doubt in my mind that we chose the right photographer. -Craig, on his wedding day