REAL LIFE LOVE STORY} because romance looks different these days

January 30, 2018

REAL LIFE LOVE STORIES are more compelling than a Hollywood romance

Maybe you used to sit in restaurants and gaze at each other, take long moonlight walks, listen to music side by side while talking for hours.

Now you are lucky to get a moment to look at each other across the full breakfast table and chaos of life.

These days you might be drawing straws over who gets to clean this dirty diaper, or who has carpool duty to baseball practice at 7 am.

But your love is deeper, more tested, more real and authentic, than any Hollywood tale.

You’ve weathered 4 am fevers, bed wetting, and watching Frozen 8 times.

Sometimes date nights might be as exciting as Netflix and actually chilling

You still crawl into bed happy with the one who is by your side, even if the only thing you have energy for is to touch each other’s feet under the sheets.

This chapter of the love story looks quite a bit different than the beginning.

It’s not always glamorous and romantic. BUT IT’S TRUE. This life you are building together day by day matters more than anything else. 

Let me capture this chapter of your story while you are living it.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to document your real life and real love to each other.

For $225, you’ll receive a 2 hour story session to gift your sweetheart, which can be claimed any time during the first half of 2018.

You’ll also get an 8×12 fine art piece, professionally mounted and ready for framing.

(No digitals are included in the session fee.)

After the session you will have the opportunity to purchase fine art, custom archival albums, prints, wall galleries, and digital files.

Sessions can be either in your home or a location of your choice. They are documentary in nature, but don’t worry- I will make beautiful portraits of you as well.

This promotion is available until Valentine’s Day, 2018. Sessions must take place before June 15couple holding hands in black and white photo by Jessica Uhler Photography