They’d known each other for years. Had common friends.  Even tried dating for a while. It wasn’t until they went away to school that they realized they didn’t want to live without each other.

He calls her Bird. She calls him Donkey. She works in a toy store (and has wrapped many a gift for birthday parties we’ve attended). He works in a bookstore. It’s adorable. They’re adorable. And genuine and easy-going and funny and relaxed. I told them I hit the jackpot when they chose me to document their wedding day.

We had one of the last beautiful fall days together to capture their engagement session. It was a blast and I love that they were willing to trust me when I made them stand next to an oncoming train!  And check out her awesome tattoo. What a great reminder.

I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding day tomorrow.  I have a feeling these two know how to throw a fun party.