Seattle Family Documentary Photographer- first birthday

October 5, 2016

As a photographer there is nothing quite as sweet as meeting new babies and their families… except for getting to photograph them again after a year. This babe is all sugar and smiles. I’m completely honored and thrilled when a family invites me back year after year to capture the beauty of their real life moments and milestones. A baby turning one is such a big occasion to document. I remember when my firstborn turned one like it was yesterday (but it was almost 16 years ago!). It felt absolutely monumental. If only I knew how many more moments would come between then and now. So many of the ones I treasure most have no special date attached to them- just a certain feeling, a routine at a particular season in life, a song or story we shared. The best way I know to hold onto them a bit longer and have them to pass on to my children is through the story of photography.

Sometimes parents feel like their everyday life or their home isn’t interesting enough. My answer is always give me chance to show you. You are a unique family culture with your own connections and rituals. No one else can do your life. No one else has your home, with it’s quirks and color and personality. You are enough, just the way you are. The things you will miss the most are the things that you hardly think about most days.

This life slips through our fingers so fast, especially with babies and young kids in the house. Grab onto the beauty of your everyday and don’t let it go.

A million thanks again, Rob and Laura. It’s a joy to see the life you’ve cultivated over this last year. It is beautiful and good. Until next year….

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