Some babes I’ve met recently {Seattle- Tacoma maternity and newborn photographer}

March 24, 2013

Bellies and babies are some of my favorite things to shoot, especially when they belong to such cool families as these.

Annie and I go way back.  Like back to before she was married and before my firstborn was here.  I had the joy of shooting family portraits for them a few years back, shortly after baby number three. Recently I got to meet baby number four! He is so sweet and yummy. Introducing Gideon:

I’m pretty much a sucker for babies, but the baby burrito…be still my ovaries! And I was slightly amazed that Annie laid him down like this and he drifted peacefully off to sleep.  What kind of crazy magic is that…and why didn’t I have it with my babes? Nighty night, Gideon.

I can’t tell you what a treat it was to meet this next family and visit their magical home.  There’s a small community of homes right on the water in Tacoma called Salmon Beach.  The houses are built up on piers, which gives them a houseboat quality. Though I’ve known people who live here, I had never actually been (it’s private) until Jean contacted me to take some family and maternity pictures before their second little peanut was born.

Their house was a testament to ingenuity and amazing craftsmanship- built by her husband himself! It was so inspiring to see a family who has chosen a rather unconventional life (think of all the things that need to be boated in, the simplicity required by having to haul everything down a steep 1/4 mile path to the beach from a bluff.  I think they are the bravest and the coolest. We had fun during the golden hour, took a boat ride together, watched life unfold in their sweet family.  It was truly a joy and honor.  I think you will agree she is glowing.