Spring Break, Redeemed

April 11, 2012

If you’ve read my post about spring break, you know that we Uhlers don’t have the best track record for picking great destinations this time of year. There was the time we camped with friends near Mt. St. Helen’s only to be surprised by snow (BRRRR!)  Then last year we ended our trip early because of the incessant rain (no light drizzle, mind you) beating down on our yurt roof, making even the cozy idea of watching movies together impossible.

I’m happy to say that this is the year that our record has been broken. We ventured to the lovely coastal village of Seabrook and stayed with dear friends we call family. The houses we stayed in were just gorgeous, and the weather matched. However, on the first day I was getting ready to venture out with my camera only to realize my camera bag never made it to the car. I burst into tears. True story.

My wise husband said to me You’ve got your iphone, go rock the Hipstamatic. I dried my tears and said The best camera is the one that’s with you. Thank you, Chase Jarvis.

Here are my attempts at rocking the Hipstamatic by the Pacific.

We had some friends heading back home early, so we sent them with a housekey to friends who were coming out later that same day. Camera bag rescued, I was happy to capture our Easter Sunday morning on the beach. It was glorious. And those kids getting baptized in that big deep wide ocean by their daddy- they’re mine! It was a day to celebrate new life indeed.

Though the Washington Coast was great, let it be known that I still wouldn’t mind giving Mexico a shot this time of year.



Beautiful pixs! How exciting, the kids were baptized!