Tacoma Newborn Photographer- the cutest twins ever

March 21, 2016

Tacoma Newborn Photographer

Lucky me. I have these people as neighbors. I have been saying lately how thankful I am that almost every single one of my clients have been people I would totally invite over for dinner. It’s pretty amazing, actually and I certainly don’t take it for granted. Not only that, my last four or five clients have been within walking distance of our home. Thanks for the love, Tacoma!

That’s definitely the case with Heidi and Justin. We met when they were renovating the monster of a house across the street from us. Right away I liked them. Heidi is a talented interior designer with a gorgeous aesthetic. Justin just opened a fabulous beer and wine bar a few blocks away. And as if a major move, total gut-job renovation and starting a new business wasn’t enough, they started their family off with a bang- WITH TWIN BOYS! They are rockin new parenthood like nobody’s business and I can tell they are a great team.

Oh, these babies are scru-u-umptious and I had to remind myself to keep shooting and stop oohing and ahhing over their little noises and faces. Making pictures of families with new babies is one of my favorite things ever. The interesting thing with twins is how different their little personalities are even at two months. I’m so thrilled to have Heidi and Justin and the boys as neighbors. I just hope we get to babysit now and then! Enjoy their beautiful home and some sweet moments of baby life. Get ready to die of cuteness.

PS- You can see more of Heidi’s work here, (I want her to do my whole house!) and you might be able to find us grabbing a pint or a glass of wine here.

I still have a few spots this spring for family storytelling sessions and I’d love the chance to make pictures for you and yours.

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