Brian and Shannon} Wedding at Red Barn Studios Chehalis

September 16, 2016

Weddings aren’t about photographers, as some blogs (and even some photographers) would have you believe. Weddings are about people, about their love story, about their tribe of family and friends surrounding, supporting, holding them up. Photographers are the lucky one’s who get to tell the story, at least that’s how I see it. This wedding at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA showcases Brian and Shannon’s love in a beautiful summer setting

Brian and Shannon fit together perfectly: her beaming, open smile, his goofy faces. Her genuine care for everyone around her, his hugs which completely envelop the recipient. Their shared love of adventure and travel. The joie de vivre’, the care about the important things, not the superficial details. The easy laughter. The poignant tears.

I first “met” them when they Skyped with me from China, where they are teaching. I knew then that they were my ideal clients- because they are genuinely interesting and kind and curious and funny and I knew that we would enjoy spending time together. Of course, this proved true on their wedding day.

Steel grey skies, trees full of apples, green lush fields with free-roaming chickens, a breeze through her dress, a hand through his hair, walking together under the giant oak where they had first planned to be married, love and laughter and shared stories, a pie buffet, a night of dancing, a summer rain- just a few of the things that ushered them into this lifelong commitment they made to each other.

Brian and Shannon, thank you again for inviting me to be a part of your day. I know after all the months of planning and hard work it felt like your wedding day just flew by! It is my hope that these pictures captured the moments and feelings of your wedding that you want to hold onto for generations.

Red-Barn-Studios- wedding-Chehalis 001 tacoma-family-photographer_0489 tacoma-family-photographer_0490tacoma-family-photographer_0488 tacoma-family-photographer_0487tacoma-family-photographer_0486tacoma-family-photographer_0485Chehalis-wedding-photographer_0484 tacoma-family-photographer_0481 tacoma-family-photographer_0482 tacoma-family-photographer_0483 bride getting ready at Red Barn Studios, Chehalis, WA tacoma-family-photographer_0478 Close up pf bride's vintage wedding ring with succulents at red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA tacoma-family-photographer_0480 tacoma-family-photographer_0474 tacoma-family-photographer_0475 tacoma-family-photographer_0476


Groom waiting for bride before wedding near lavender fields at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA

tacoma-family-photographer_0473 portrait of bride with Ivory dress and mermaid braid in front of apple orchard at Red Barn Studios, Chehalis, WAtacoma-family-photographer_0472


tacoma-family-photographer_0468 tacoma-family-photographer_0469
Chehalis wedding red barn studios 002 tacoma-family-photographer_0464 tacoma-family-photographer_0460 tacoma-family-photographer_0461 First Look in a field between Bride and Groom at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA Bride and Groom kissing in field in late summer at red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA tacoma-family-photographer_0458tacoma-family-photographer_0459tacoma-family-photographer_0457 tacoma-family-photographer_0453 tacoma-family-photographer_0454 Black and white image of bride and broom in field at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA
tacoma-family-photographer_0451 Summer bridal bouquet with hydrangeas and dahlias at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA tacoma-family-photographer_0450tacoma-family-photographer_0449tacoma-family-photographer_0448
tacoma-family-photographer_0447tacoma-family-photographer_0446 tacoma-family-photographer_0442 tacoma-family-photographer_0443 tacoma-family-photographer_0444 tacoma-family-photographer_0445 tacoma-family-photographer_0439 tacoma-family-photographer_0440 tacoma-family-photographer_0441tacoma-family-photographer_0428.jpg tacoma-family-photographer_0427.jpgtacoma-family-photographer_0435.jpg
tacoma-family-photographer_0434.jpg tacoma-family-photographer_0433.jpg tacoma-family-photographer_0432.jpg tacoma-family-photographer_0431.jpg tacoma-family-photographer_0430.jpg tacoma-wedding-photographer_0429.jpg tacoma-family-photographer_0426.jpgtacoma-family-photographer_0425