Whew! Just thinking of all I have to do is making me tired these days.  I’ve been dreaming and planning and creating and re-creating when I’m not trying to catch up on sleep or laundry. Lots of business-ey things brewing like working on a logo and branding, getting ready for a family shoot this weekend, and working on booking summer weddings. It’s hard to be patient with myself, knowing that I can’t do it all right now.  But all things ripen in due time, and I always come back to the question “what are the first things? the most important, the priorities around which my life should center?

I don’t go in for astrology, but I happen to be a Libra and apparently one of the main traits of Libras is balance. This is a key word for my life, it seems. With this trait comes the desire for order and structure, but once that order and structure is attained we Libras can’t handle it and do whatever we can to create chaos and get the creative energy moving again.  My family can attest that this is true (sorry guys).  I am currently trying to redo our entire house via Craigslist. (duh! what else would you do once you started getting more than four hours of sleep?) I always need a project or something to recreate, but the key for me is that elusive balance in all areas- physical, spiritual, relational, creatively, financial, you name it.

Meanwhile, here are some things making me smile right now.  I hope they do the same for you.

Happy Friday!

My new sunburst mirror! Totally changed the room and it was such a bargain.







These signs of spring all around my neighborhood.  And cherry blossoms everywhere! I love their Suessian extravagance and how they litter the sidewalk with pink confetti.



Three adorable boys who love to sit and stare out the window like puppies.



These starts for the garden.  I didn’t get around to planting seeds inside this year (wonder why?) but these from local farmers will help get things rolling. This time of year I am itching to dig in the dirt.



This little bit o’ bling from Target (read: Tarhzhay).  I rarely ever pay full price for anything if I can help it, but I made an exception with this necklace on a day that I needed me some pretty. And since it was Target, it was still a steal. Isn’t it lovely?



These adorable buttery yellow leather baby booties from Blooming Kids. Squeal. By See Kai Run. What I love more are the little piggies that go into them! Yummy.



This little man with all his new tricks like sitting up, eating everything he can get his hands on (food included) and scooting (!) So not ready for baby mobility around here.  But I suppose it is inevitable.

Also making me smile: the scent of blackberry bushes in the warming air on my run this morning. The fact that I got to go on a run this morning!  And that it’s Friday.  Have a lovely weekend.


Love the things that make you smile! in fact, they make me smile too! AND picturing you smile and thinking of your great laugh makes me smile even more!